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If you’re in the market for a golf simulator and have a budget of $16,000 or more to spend, then you absolutely must consider a TruGolf golf simulator - long considered one of the leaders in indoor golf simulator technology.

The TruGolf golf simulator comes with the amazing E6 simulation software. E6 is the gold standard of golf simulation software and comes from the creators of Links – the best-selling computer golf franchise of all-time. It combines jaw-dropping graphics with precision analytics to deliver one of the most realistic, game-enhancing experiences around.


Impressive Accuracy Just Got Better

TruTrack is, without a doubt, one of the most accurate golf simulation technologies available on the market today. Utilizing a combination of infrared sensors and sonic ball sensors, TruTrack works equally well for both right and left handed golfers.

TruTrack has a dual-track tracking system. It tracks both the club and the ball for its simulation. To track the ball, TruTrack uses sonic ball tracking. To track the club, it uses three rows of optical sensors placed in the mat system. Combined, it delivers top-shelf accuracy and swing analysis that’s sure to help lower your score.

Many systems are good at tracking either the ball or the club – TruTrack does both very well. And as a result, users know with confidence not only what the ball did, but why as well. Both are required in order to get the level of feedback necessary to make score-lowering changes to your swing.

TruTrack tracks and provides data on drive distance, launch angle, backspin, club head speed, ball carry, ball trajectory, ball direction, ball speed, side spin, club face angle, club head path & swing. An interesting feature of TruTrack is its integrated swing analysis which highlights important characteristics of every swing. This feature is available in both practice and game modes.

Not to be forgotten is that because of the use of the three rows of optical sensors, you don’t have to tell the system which club you’ve selected before each shot – a time saving and convenient feature.

The original TruTrack system comprised a single, integrated unit that was placed just beneath the hitting surface. With the recently introduced TruTrack², the sensor board remains in the same location, but the hardware that’s most susceptible to damage due to club impact is housed in a separate control box and situated further from the hitting area, but still below the mat. This new enhancement is expected to improve durability, shot detection and reduce misreads.

The Vanishing Line Between Virtual and Real

It’s really hard to describe the truly impressive E6 graphics. It’s probably one of the closest things you’ll experience next to actually playing a round of golf. The most recent version (version 1.6) comes with some fairly impressive enhancements, including improved lighting and textures. The marketing guys at TruGolf like to use the word “immersive” to describe E6 – I can’t think of a better word. Once they figure out how to simulate the smell of grass and the warmth of sunshine, I suspect many golfers will skip the drive to their local course in favor of the shorter trip to the TruGolf golf simulator in their basement or entertainment room.

TruGolf’s E6 software comes with a virtual driving range, target practice, putting and chipping area, as well as a long list of options, to make every round a new adventure. You are able to alter the weather, time of day, wind conditions, tee-boxes, and “gimmie distances” to name just a few.

It’s important to highlight that you don’t necessarily need to buy the TruGolf’s tracking technology in order to play a virtual round of golf on the E6 software platform. E6 works with a wide range of devices, including Trackman, Full Swing Golf, Pro-Tee United, Sports Coach, FlightScope and Golf Simulators of America.

How Deep Is Your Love (And Your Pockets)?

To be honest, there isn’t much not to like about TruGolf golf simulators. The technology is exceptionally accurate, and now expected to be more durable. The software is the closest thing to reality available on the market today.

For many, the cost of the system may be a significant hurdle. At roughly $16,000, it may be difficult for many to justify. But if you love the game of golf as much as we do, and are committed to improving your swing (and having fun doing it), you can’t go wrong with a TruGolf golf simulator. As we like to say here at Golf Simulator Guys, top-shelf products usually come with top-shelf pricing.


The Last Word from the 19th Hole

The precise analytics and photo-realistic graphics of TruGolf’s simulator is hard to beat. With virtual simulations of over 85 world-renowned golf courses and 36 modes of play, you can treat yourself to a different experience every round of virtual golf. And, as an added bonus, your TruGolf golf simulator can double as a state-of-the-art, home entertainment system.

For those in the market for a home golf simulator with the budget, and drive to utilize the latest technology to lower their scores, and have fun in the process, a golf simulator from TruGolf is an solid choice.

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