About Us, The Golf Simulator Guys

We started Golf Simulator Guys because we love playing golf. It’s that simple.

Golf simulators are fun, incredible effective at improving your swing, and make the game that much more enjoyable. We couldn’t think of a better way to share our passion for the sport with other golfers.

At Golf Simulator Guys, we combine the most effective, technologically-advanced home & indoor golf simulators with the best home golf studio on the market – ours. We help golfers, at every level, practice the game they love, whenever they want. And have more fun doing it. The golf industry, its technology, techniques and materials, is continually advancing.

To keep pace, we are always assessing and evaluating the latest innovations in indoor golf simulator technology. It’s one of the best parts of our ‘job’, and key to providing the products customers want to improve their golf swing, lower their score, and have more fun on and off the course.

Innovation is an import part of what we do at Golf Simulator Guys. It’s the driving force behind the design of our golf studio. We continue to improve the design, functionality and performance of what many consider to be the best golf studio on the market today. That’s just how we roll.

Our contribution to improving your golf game may be small, but it’s a big deal to us. And we enjoy every part of it.

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Customers and Applications

We’ve helped hundreds of golf enthusiasts, at all levels and abilities, experience the excitement and realism of the latest, most technologically advanced golf simulators. Our indoor golf studio combines thoughtful design with quality construction and has proven to be a welcome addition to homes and businesses alike – across the U.S. and Canada.


Playing a round of simulated golf that’s fun, challenging and improves your swing requires the latest in simulation technology. But the studio you place inside your home needs to look good and be well designed. These are just two of the many reasons so many residential customers choose Golf Simulator Guys.

We continually improve the design, functionality and performance of what many consider to be the best golf studio on the market. And to keep pace with the latest innovations in indoor golf simulator technology, we are constantly evaluating the latest products. It’s an important part of what we do, and key to providing products that help customers improve their golf swing, lower their score, and have fun doing it.

After a day of playing some of the world’s leading courses, from the comfort of your home, the studio can also be used for other entertainment activities, including watching movies, gaming, and so much more.


Business owners understand the importance of creating exciting and innovative experiences for their customers. A golf simulator from Golf Simulator Guys is the answer.

From sports bars and hotels to indoor golf centers and golf retail outlets, a golf simulator can be an important business asset that drives revenue, increases profitability and brings customers back, time and again.

Home Builders

Newly constructed homes today come with a long list of features and amenities - many include a room dedicated to multimedia and entertainment.

Purpose-built entertainment and media rooms are a great way for home builders to differentiate their homes and attract discerning buyers. If you are a builder of quality residential homes, we’d love to work with you to build a golf and entertainment studio for your clients that entertains the movie buff, challenges the sports enthusiast and tests the gamer.

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