Uneekor EYEXO GS13 Studio

Uneekor EYEXO GS13 Studio

Uneekor EYEXO GS13 Studio

  • Overhead type, hi-speed camera-based launch monitor
  • VIEW base-level simulator software embedded featuring Ball, Club, and Swing OptixTM
  • Uneekor Optix: Validated Photographic Technology providing actual club impact and ball spin videos of each shot.
  • Advanced Ball and Club data measured in real-time
  • Auto-detects right-hand or left-hand golfer
  • Non-Marking ball technology allows the use of any golf ball
  • Premium cloud services with email and on-line chat functions (Late 2020)
  • Easy installation with the included bracket
  • 2-year strike limited warranty

Other Features:

  • Tool free assembly
  • High end 1080 HD projector
  • Includes our new projector box that removes the need to hard wire a projector
  • This uses our Ulti Mat 2 mat system (with no cutout in the center section for a simulator)  
  • Completely portable
  • This uses our universal golf studio concept.  You can easily switch between simulators by changing the center section of the mat.  
  • Aluminum push button frame system 
  • Fabric attaches to the aluminum frame with straps and d-rings and velcro
  • This studio can be used to watch TV, Movies and Gaming.
  • Extended Canopy and light bar
  • 1 Uneekor EYEXO View package
  • 1 Ulti Mat 2 Full Mat System 4'x13'4"x2"
      1. 3 piece lock key mat system
  • 1 Projector Box and Projector Package 
      1. 1 Projector Box
      2. 1 1080 HD Short Throw Projector
      3. 1 Projector Ramp (used to tilt your projector so the image reaches the floor)
      4. 1 Long HDMI
      5. 1 Long Surge Protector/Extension cord
  • 1 HD Impact Screen7'6"(h)x13'4"'(w)x4'(d)
      1. 1 Aluminum frame
      2. 1 HD screen
      3. 2 Side panels
      4. 1 Top panel
      5. 1 Valance
      6. d'ring clips
      7. 1 Light bar
      8. 1 Extension cord
      9. 1 Carrying bag
  • PC NOT included
  • Turf between mat and screen NOT included
  • Side panel extensions NOT included

Add Ons That Are Sold Separately: 

  • Finish Turf


  • Side Panel Extensions
  • 13'6"'w)x16'6"(d)x9'(h) for limited image size
  • 13'6"(w)x16'6"(d)x9'(h) for full image size
  • Please note that 9’ ceilings are a guideline.  Some players may require taller ceilings for their swing.  It is the buyers responsibility to determine adequate swing clearance for the room the simulator is installed in. 


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