OptiShot/OptiShot 2 Ulti Mat 2

optishot platform mat

 OptiShot/OptiShot 2 Ulti Mat 2

This mat system designed for the OptiShot features a replaceable tee line turf hitting area, a gel insert, a lock key system and an enormous 4'x7'3"x2" platform.
Other Features:
  • This can be used with the OptiShot or OptiShot 2
  • This can be used as a right or left handed mat.
  • This mat can be used with our projector box.
Package includes:
  • 2 piece lock key mat system
  • 1 replaceable tee line turf top with gel insert
  • 3 key inserts (used where there are exposed keys)
  • 1 simulator pad (used underneath the simulator to create a desired height)
  • Optishot not included
  • Projector box not included
Shipping and Handling:
  • US            $100  
  • Canadian  $200

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