OptiShot 2 GS10 Studio

The OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator is combined with the best portable golf studio on the market to create the Optishot GS10 Studio.  This amazing studio installs without any tools and features the awesome HD impact screen.  

Other Features:

  • 1080 HD projector
  • This uses our new projector box that removes the need to hard wire a projector
  • This uses our Ulit Mat 2 mat system.  
  • Completely portable
  • This uses our universal golf studio concept.  You can easily switch between simulators by changing the center section of the mat.  
  • Aluminum push button frame system 
  • Fabric attaches to the aluminum frame with straps and d-rings and velcro
  • This studio can be used to watch TV, Movies and Gaming.
  • This studio can be used outdoors as an outdoor movie theater or even to watch YouTube videos at Birthday Parties.
  • Extended Canopy and light bar

Package Includes:

  • 1 OptiShot 2
  • 1 Ulti Mat 2 Full Mat System 4'x10'1"x2"
      1. 3 piece mat system...lock key
      2. 1 replaceable tee line turf top with gel insert attached
      3. 1 simulator pad (used underneath the simulator to create a desired height)
      • 1 Projector Box and Projector Package 
          1. 1 Projector Box
          2. 1 1080 HD Ultra Short Throw Projector
          3. 1 Projector Ramp (used to tilt your projector so the image reaches the floor)
          4. 1 Long HDMI
          5. 1 Long Surge Protector/Extension cord
      • 1 HD Impact Screen7'6"(h)x10'(w)x4'(d)
          1. 1 Aluminum frame
          2. 1 HD screen
          3. 2 Heavy weight side panels
          4. 1 Heavy weight top panel
          5. 1 Removable valance
          6. d'ring clips
          7. 1 Light bar
          8. 1 Extension cord
          9. 1 Carrying bag



      • Pc not included


      • PC
      • Side Panel extensions
      • Additional turf between mat and screen
      • Additional courses

      Approximate Footprint Needed:

      • 12'(w)x16'6"(d)x9'(h) for limited image size
      • 12'(w)x16'6"(d)x9'(h) for full image size
      • Please note that 9' ceilings are a guideline.  Some players may require taller ceilings for their swing.  It is the buyers responsibility to determine adequate swing clearance for the room the simulator is installed in.  
      Shipping and Handling:
      • US            $400
      • Canadian  $800

       Add Ons That Are Sold Separately:



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