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At Golf Simulator Guys, we've combined the best golf studio on the market, ours, with the world’s best golf simulators.

Our golf studio is designed with innovation and versatility in mind. It doesn’t require any tools to assemble, and with a simple change of the center-mat section, can accommodate different types of simulators and a wide range of launch monitors. It will be a welcomed, attractive addition to your home or business.

Golf Simulators & Launch Monitors

Our golf studio comes fully integrated with many of the most advanced indoor golf simulators on the market, including TruGolf, SkyTrak and OptiShot. We provide everything required to create a fun, realistic home golfing experience.

View Golf Simulators

For customers that own, or are planning to purchase a launch monitor, our golf studio accommodates many of the leading golf launch monitors on the market, including Trackman, Foresight, FlightScope and Skytrak. It features a HD impact screen and our innovative Platform Mat system.

View Launch Monitors

Golf Simulator Mats

Golf Simulator Guys carry a wide selection of golf simulator mats designed specifically for TruGolf and Optishot golf simulators, including those that can accommodate right and left handers without reconfiguration. We also carry a selection of universal golf simulator mats that can be used for many different types of launch monitors, including Trackman, Foresight, Flightscope, Skytrak and Ernest Sports.

View Golf Simulator Mats

Golf Impact Screens

Our impact screen material is, quite simply, the best on the market. It can be used with many different types of screens, including real ball, foam ball, hanging and tension screens. What separates our impact screen fabric from others on the market? Superior picture quality. Most simulators use a mesh fabric that results in less than ideal picture quality. We use a three dimensional fabric which is two, tightly woven pieces of fabric separated by thousands of fibres. This results in better durability and projection screen light-picture quality.

View Golf Impact Screens


To help create your next amazing round of virtual golf, we carry everything you need. From Callaway’s Pro Caddie golf ball dispenser and golf nets, to Almost Golf Balls from short-game guru Dave Pelz, we have what you need to create the ideal, indoor golfing experience.

View Accessories

Also, see a list of all our product collections here.

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